15th Annual Car Show is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, August 24th, 2019. Vehicles are on display on Copenhagen Street and surrounding areas from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.
 More information and finalized dates will be posted on this website in the February/March 2019 time frame.

Car Show Commttee

Charity Raffle

Charity - Car Show Gives Back to Community

The Wheels ‘N Windmills Car Show donated more than $298,000 to local and national charities since 2005.

  • 2017 Proceeds
  • 2016 Proceeds
  • 2015 Proceeds
  • 2014 Proceeds
  • 2014 Charities

Solvang Senior Center

We partnered with the “Vikings of Solvang” charities organization to purchase a 2016 Ford Transit Van for the senior center. The van was purchased from Vreeland Ford in Buellton, Custom painted with the Wheels ‘N’ Windmills and Vikings of Solvang logo’s by Tim Broberg owner of Fastripeand presented to the Director of the Senior center “Ellen Albertoni” at the car show (see attached pictures) Making the presentation were myself, Jim Cassidy and Mike Peterson from the Vikings of Solvang, and Dan Vreeland from Vreeland Ford.

Solvang Senior Center Van

Solvang Senior Center

Solvang Elementary School Arts and Music Foundation

$5,000.00 was donated to help pay for music, art, and drama supplies which are not funded by the school budget.

Solvang Elementry School

Progeria Research Foundation

$2,000.00 was donated to the national research foundation to help find a cure for this disease.

Progeria Foundation

Progeria Foundation Thank You

Santa Maria High School

Santa Maria High School

Santa Ynez High School

Santa Ynez High School

Progeria Research Foundation

Progeria Research Foundation

Old Yeller Ranch Rescue

Progeria Research Foundation



Lompoc High Schools Auto Shop

Wheels and Windmills Raffle,

Thank you for the generous donation of $3500 this school year. With that money we were able to purchase 14 Briggs and Stratton engines for one of the Intro to Auto Classes. We were able to replace worn out engines that we were not able to use anymore. Thank you again for the generous donation.

Mike Johnson
Automotive Instructor
Lompoc High School

2016 Lompoc High School engine


Lompoc High School

Santa Ynez Valley People Helping People

People Helping People

Progeria Research Foundation

Progeria Research Foundation

Santa Maria High School

Santa Maria High School

Santa Ynez High School

Santa Ynez High School

Santa Ynez Therapeutic Riding Program




2014 Solvang Friendship HouseSolvang Friendship House

The 2014 Wheels 'n Windmills Car Show donated $14,500 to the Solvang Friendship House.


2014 Santa Maria High SchoolSanta Maria Joint Union High School District

The 2014 Wheels 'n Windmills Car Show donated $8,200 to the Santa Maria Joint Union High School District.


2014 Santa Ynez Valley Pirate GarageSanta Ynez Valley Union High School District

The 2014 Wheels 'n Windmills Car Show donated $7,400 to the Pirate Garage at the Santa Ynez Valley Union High School District.





Solvang Friendship House

Solvang Friendship House, a nonprofit corporation, was founded in 1978 by Dr. Lou Netzer, a family practice doctor in the Santa Ynez Valley for 30 years. His vision was to create a very home-like environment for the elderly who were frail but not needing the service provided in a nursing home setting.

In 1993, Solvang Friendship House recognized a need to provide Alzheimer’s and dementia care. A building specially designed for this purpose was built and staffed with caregivers highly trained in dementia care and promotes a life enrichment activity program to meet the needs of seniors with memory impairments.

Solvang Friendship House is highly regarded in Santa Barbara County for it’s home-like environment with excellent personal care for residents. Solvang Friendship House has been noted for it’s affordability which is accomplished due to the generosity of our com- munity through on going donations.

The MISSION of Solvang Friendship House is to provide seniors with a warmly supportive and safe living environment in the Santa Ynez Valley. We are committed to providing quality residential and dementia care in a manner that respects the uniqueness and dignity of each resident


Central Coast Type One Diabetes Foundation

Central Coast Type One Diabetes Foundation

The Central Coast Type One Diabetes Foundation is a non-profit organization formed by family and friends of the Type 1 community in Santa Barbara County, California.  We are moms, dads, grandparents, friends, and family members committed to helping empower and support insulin dependent children, young adults and their families in the daily challenges associated in living with Type 1 diabetes, also known as Juvenile Onset Diabetes. We strive to provide vibrant local support for the Type 1 community whether they are children or adults.

Our hope that Type 1 diabetes be cured one day, but until that time we are committed to creating a strong  lasting  support system around each Type 1 to help them do what is necessary to achieve their full potential and dreams beyond their diabetes. We offer immediate assistance to newly diagnosed children, adults and families, continuing education through support groups and classes, as well as local events and social networking opportunities for Type 1 families so that each Type 1 knows they are not alone.

Type 1 Diabetes used to be known as juvenile diabetes. About 5-10% of people who have diabetes have Type 1. In Type 1 Diabetes, the body attacks its own insulin making cells. This means that the pancreas no longer makes insulin. Type 1 usually occurs in children, teens and young adults, but can occur at any age. People with Type 1 Diabetes must take insulin daily in the form of injections. Insulin cannot be taken in pill form because acids in the stomach destroy it. This type of diabetes CANNOT be reversed or cured through diet and exercise. People with Type 1 are insulin dependent to live. Insulin is not a cure....it's life support.

The Progeria Research FoundationThe Progeria Research Foundation

About the Foundation - "Isolating the Progeria gene is a major achievement for the medical research community," said Dr. Collins, "The discovery not only gives hope to children and families affected by Progeria, but also may shed light on the phenomenon of aging and cardiovascular disease."

Remembering Amy - A Mothers Desire to Help
This is the story of a child who was like any other child, with just one exception. Amy Foose had Progeria. Amy’s life may have been short, but the spirit of this special young girl touched the hearts of everyone she met. Her story reminds us that children with Progeria have the same hopes and dreams as all children have.

Read more of Remembering Amy

Thank you for supporting Progeria Research
Your donations will help give these children hope for the long and healthy lives they deserve

Progeria is a fatal, “rapid aging” disease that afflicts children, who die of heart disease at an average age of 13 years - the same heart disease that affects millions of normal aging adults. And despite startling changes in their young bodies such as osteoporosis, heart disease and hair loss, these extraordinary children are intelligent, courageous, and full of life.

The Progeria Research Foundation is the only organization in the world dedicated to discovering treatments and a cure for Progeria and its aging-related disorders.

This is the charity of legendary car customizer and host of TLC’s Overhaulin’, Chip Foose.  “I lost my sister, Amy, to Progeria, so The Progeria Research Foundation is a cause very near and dear to my heart,” says Foose. 



With your help, PRF can continue its mission at a faster pace, to win this race against time for all children with Progeria. And finding the cure will help not only these special children, but perhaps also millions of adults who suffer from heart disease and other, aging-related conditions.

Please donate now and help make Progeria History.